I am back!

•March 29, 2014 • Leave a Comment

It has been many years since I last posted anything one here.

There has been many reasons for this but mostly it has been series of serious health issues which has prevented my presence.

Now I am recovered enough to get back to it I trust my many friends will pay me a visit.

Looking forward also to all the new friends I hope to make.

Let us see if we can make this a better world for the next generation than we inherited.


Man becomes God!

•June 5, 2008 • 11 Comments

Last night I watched and will again view a program with the interesting Title “Animal Pharm.” The purpose of this continuing program is to show us the pros and cons of Genetically Modifying animals and plants for the benefit of humans both within the food and medical fields.

In the first program, it was clear that the information was straight from the source ie those using transgenetic and cross breeding to produce creatures whose very existance was for our benefit. Well the images I saw were totally horrid. I did take the initial stance of lets see what they have to say, whats this about and keeping an open mind, lets see what the buzz is about both for and against.

Well I was taken aback from the images shown and the scienctists attitude to the experiments forced onto these animals for example:
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We are getting there Slowly! Pulp Mill Update

•May 30, 2008 • 3 Comments

Firstly a few Thank you’s

A HUGE THANKYOU TO THE ANZ BANKING CORPORATION. Thats right I am thanking a corporation, never thought I would live to see the day when a company (especially a bank) would put the environment and its customers before the almighty dollar. It appears however this is the case.

Customers of the ANZ who opposed the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill began a campaign to remove funds, close accounts and even transfer loans away from the ANZ, as they were the main financier for the mill. ANZ came out yesterday and announce they will not be funding the Pulp Mill.

Three cheers hip hip horray!

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Where has all the food gone?

•May 26, 2008 • 7 Comments

Over the past few week, even months we have been witness to growing shortages in the worlds food supplies. Not only in 3rd world countries but in established world leaders.

Couple this with the growing shortages in water and now rising oil prices I ask the question How?

We have been warned for a few years that the growing threat of Global Warming and changing weather patterns would lead to shortages in basic food items such as rice and grains. Recently we have seen this come to pass with just such shortfalls in many countries including America. The United Nations is calling for action to be taken.

Here is a statement from United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon:
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Tassie Tiger Reborn!

•May 20, 2008 • 6 Comments

After many debates, questioning, arguements and scientific who hah….. Scientists have brought the DNA of a Thylacine back to life… YES THE TASMANIA TIGER MAY LIVE AGAIN.

Heres the Story cortesy of Yahoo news:

A University of Melbourne team has extracted genes from a tasmanian tiger and put them into a mouse embryo, reviving hopes that the extinct thylacine may one day be successfully cloned.

The DNA from the thylacine reproduced in the mouse’s body, showing biological function.
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How does this work?

•May 3, 2008 • Leave a Comment

In Tasmania most of our Eletricity comes Via a Hydro Electric program state wide. This is good I guess for the Environment, as it negates the need for coal fired power stations etc… The climate down here fluctuates from beautiful summer days to very cold winters, and many people run electric heating and wood fires. Due to the Pine Plantations there is always a large amount of fire wood for a price.

Recently like in other years Hydro Tasmania has needed to import power via Basslink from Victoria. This is safety net for Hydro. If the electricity in storage becomes low they simply import it across Bass Strait for a price of course.
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The Devils may be saved…

•April 15, 2008 • 10 Comments

The latest critter to face extinction is the Tasmanian Devil…. however this is not from the normal contributions from man nor is it known what has caused the cancerous Facial Tumour disease currently moving through the population of Devils on the East Coast of Tasmania, many of us have views as to the cause but few are willing to state publicly. Views range from the lack of Genetic Diversity in the population to the one which I subscribe to pesticide over use which has altered the genetic makeup of the creature, all of the current schools of thought are valid, but no single contributing factor has yet been identified and if it is the latter I doubt it will be…

But there has been a recent breakthrough, some good news which I am happy to report to all…

A Tasmanian Devil from the West Coast of Tasmania appears to have a Natural Immunity to the disease.
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