The changing face of Life!

SONY DSCLife certainly does move fast ‘ you think?

Just when you think you have everything sorted, your plan is firmly in place,  ‘There is no stopping you!’

Life throws you a Hand Grenade, tells you to catch and just as you do you realise Life has pulled the pin.

This is how life has been for quite sometime for this little chook…

Quick outline deaths in family, very quickly followed by major Health issues, then more deaths in family.

This lead to Blogs being hacked, complete brain meld, more health recovery and now finally perhaps we are heading in the right direction.

All this adventure has taught me many things but perhaps the most poignant being ‘Life is too short.’

When  you are surrounded by those whose journey along the road life is ending and you are find yourself a hairs breath from joining them, there is a realisation which for me jumped up and hit me in the face…. that being ‘what am I doing?’

So many things are far more important than buying a big house, driving a flash car, wearing the designer what ever.  If you are worrying about accumulating stuff, you will never enjoy what you already have and into this very point I fell.

I Want to Breathe has become a metaphor for my life. It is not just a catch phrase, but a recipe for a life I hope will be well lived.

If you can not breath, if you feel suffocated by your journey why not step out and catch your breathe.

Life Must be Lived
Life Must be Lived

Today so many are driven by the modern construct of society it goes like this:

Birth, School, Work, Marry/Family, Buy house, Work Harder, buy Car, Work More, Private School, Work longer, Pay Mortgage, Retire, Die.

That is modern life. Nowhere in the list is there any real opportunity to live, to enjoy the things you have.

So to this Ends I dedicate This Blog to remind every reader there is a world out there, nature is there to nurture, and the sky wont fall if you step away from craziness of the modern world to see it.

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