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The Elephant in the Room

This photo is next in the series Hidden Places!

Taken in Thailand, any idea where we are?

I will mention these Elephants are very well looked after and are working animals. In my time here, all the animals we saw were treated with respected and care.


and the Crowd goes wild

It was an amazing place to visit and will happily go back, next time might even volunteer or go on a trek.

Leave me a comment let me know where you think we are…



Monkey Man!

The world contains some amazing things.

This is one we found on a trip to Thailand.

Do you know where I am?

Do you know where I am?

Any Idea who I am? Or Where?

Check the tags for clues

Hidden Places.

It doesn’t matter were on this planet you are there is always hidden places.

Places most locals know about and kept hidden from the new-comer or the visitor. One of the challenge we like to give ourselves is to find these spots. By doing so you are granted the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and history of an area.

Some of these places have spectacular scenery and all you need to do is step around the next bend or be brave enough to push the branch out of the way. Others are not beautiful, some you have venture down the dark stairs, or follow the dank dark corridor to find but if you do they will offer a social commentary you would have missed and others yet still proved you with a view of the world beneath you feet or above your head.

if you just looked up this it is amazing what you can see

if you just looked up this it is amazing what you can see

From time to time I am hoping to include images of just such hidden places.

I hope you enjoy the beauty, the mystery, the fun and sometimes the frightening images and adventures to follow.