Oh God I’m Huge!

lavender ladyThose of you who know me personally will know a few years ago I had some sever Health issues.

Back in 2011 I had a Heart Attack followed by multiple Bi-passes. All very sudden and surprising because just two days earlier I had been given a clean bill of health by my doctor (needless to say had new doctor). For a year prior having been diagnosed with High Cholesterol, we monitored my diet, took the medication, exercised, and did everything I was told. My hubby was very diligent and if I strayed he put me back on track.

So with all my numbers in the excellent zone, the doctor happy etc I was given the all clear…

What nobody could tell  me was why I had gained 10 kg in a year, even with a very healthy meat and vegetable low fat low sugar and low salt diet, why no matter what I did was it staying on and in deed multiplying, why I was constantly tired and my exercise ability had gone from 2 hrs a day to maybe 20 minutes if we were lucky. Then along a Heart Attack and there was part of the answer.

That was 3.5 years ago, my numbers are now great again, it appears my body makes to much cholesterol for my system to handle and it isnt in the food.  However the weight is staying and there are a few other issues which seemed to have stemmed from the diet I was placed on to lower my cholesterol etc.  The main change to my diet has been eat more, bread, cereals, no butters, animal fats, etc low fat milk and on it goes… I use to eat minimal bread and cereals, butter sure if I had bread, but that’s about it my only vice these days is cheese I really like my cheeses and well I do like my milk but in coffee.

Back to the story… I have always been around 80 kg so not small but not huge. This weight has been relatively stable, I struggled to loose any more than a kilo or two, but when I went on this “Healthy Diet” (the heart dietician recommended), I began to pack on the pounds, now after 3 years I am 94 kilos and cant seem to shake it. On top of this I have had a pain in between me shoulder blades, bloating, cramps, wind like you would not believe, nausea, travel sickness, constipation and on it goes.

Doctors had given me such advice gems as stop eating MacDonalds (the closest is 156 km away), you must be eating a lot of take away (the take away here was filthy), what do you do sit on the lounge all day (we had just returned for a 2 week bush camping trip etc) it was getting to the point I was ready to tell them all to get stuffed.

Then a new Doctor came to the surgery. This was my last hope. I went in and said to her straight I want a doctor who cares as much about me not dieing as I do… are you such a doctor? she said yes… and set about one of the longest appointments I have had in recent times.

She ran tests, asked me questions and sent me scans… after 2 months we had a few answers and two possibilities.. one gale stones this accounted for some of the pain in my abdomen (yes its little) and a couple of thing which lead to specialised (wont bore you with those).

The point I have been getting too seems to be all of my weight issues and extra diet issues may come from an allergy. Which nobody bothered to look into. Not one doctor or dietician asked me about my diet they all just critised it.. I was having muesli or porridge for breakfast,  fish and salad or grilled chicken with steamed vegetables, with Multigrain bread and perhaps some so good ice cream. and the weight was steady increasing… whats to change?

So it appears, I may or may not have Celiac Disease which is a very nasty disease affect the intestines or it may be an intolerance to Gluten either way it is looking more and more likely this is one of the things causing my winding city belly, it can also be one of the causes of my weight gain and many of the other issues which I  have suffering with.

I have been waiting nearly 6 months for scope tests to be done and I am sick of it. Apparently I will need to be back on gluten for 4 weeks before my tests so that’s what I will do.

So as of today the 2nd January 2015 is the day. Christmas is done, I have decided to take command of my health and see for myself if this is indeed one of the problems. This is not an new years resolution but a measured and controlled choice, and i am using the blog as a means to make sure I stay on track and to remind myself of my goals.

Once a week, on the same day, I will weigh and measure myself and see what happens… My routine will include NO Gluten for the first 2 weeks, then I see how I am feeling, next to go will be dairy (or at least Lactose), and then I will see how I am feeling after a further 2 weeks. I think it goes without saying I shall be stopping all cakes, lollies, sugars etc…

I do think this will be the only real way of seeing if this is the cause of my weight and dietary problems.

Today measurements (cant believe I am doing this):

Waist: 113cm/44inches

Hips:   128cm/50inches

Bust:  121cm/47inches

Weight will have to wait for new batteries… estimate 94kg/207lbs or 15 st arghhhhhhhhh

Current goal is a weight of 89kg. 5 kilos is a realistic goal.

Fingers Crossed!

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