The Search for a Sense of Place

feudalThe world we live in today I see as an unnatural state for humanity. It is true we are tribal beings, a combination of pack and herd animals. The general split is in two groups leaders and their follower, the haves and have nots, Masters and their Serfs.

There is those who are neither, who are the thinkers, the creators, the dreamers and the inventors, the fringe dwellers.  The majority of people are happy in the space they find themselves, but there is an increasing number of people who aren’t.

The Convenience of the city is alluring, the pace, the bright lights, the excitement, the availability of everything good, bad and indifferent. Huge numbers of people find their Sense of Place here among the like-minded, but many of us are finding it a shallow, unfriendly, uncaring, superficial space to inhabit. Others find  issues in the Country the remoteness, inconvenience, lack of services, the  nature of a small country town, all can be unexpected and leave the newcomer feeling excluded.

grey nomads

Motto of the 21st Century

Given the impracticability of climbing under a rock and waiting it out, the lack of a Sense of Place is leading to the rise of ‘The Grey Nomads’ retiree’s who sell up and buy a mobile home or caravan,  the travellers who sell up grab their passport and go everywhere and the modern gypsy’s who just pack up and go. These are all examples of this growing discontent ‘Humanity is on the Move’.

Many of us feel lost, you can be lonely in room full of friends. So many people say they feel alienated, separate, an outsider, perhaps it is a ‘Sense of Place’, which is at the heart of the matter.

A sense of place means different things to each individual, but when you break it down to its core you find it is a need to belong, to feel a part of something, or just to be excepted.

Many of you will be shaking you head saying ‘no the human need is family’. To a point this is true, but family moves, children grow, have their own families and move on. If you are honest you can recognise there is always that relative you really don’t like and those members you miss immensely. The constant is the space you occupy.

Perhaps you think it is a sense of Purpose which drives you, but to this again I say ‘nope’! Your purpose evolves as you do, as life evolves, as circumstances evolves and as relationships evolve, your purpose evolves and changes. What you wished to be when you were 5 has changed and evolve. You might have wanted to be a fireman and you may well be fireman, but it will be nothing akin to the life as a hero you dreamt, the same with any emergency workers, perhaps you wished to be an astronaut but were to fat, or a doctor but can’t handle the sight of blood, and on the list goes. So to this ends I will say it is as important as family, but it is not at the core of human need.

A place to belong is a driven emotion. It is something which drives you to either plant roots or move on, it inspires you to change. For some it is the need to plant yourself into a tribe which fits you and into which you fit in, for others it can be quite different.

In the right place you will grow family through close friends, the right place can develop a sense of purpose through community involvement.  There is a calmness and a feeling of well-being and contentment which can come when you find you place. for others a Sense of Place is the journey it is found in the freedom to move through the world, immersing themselves in the experience of living.

In the right place you can feel free to be yourself and finally breath deeply, knowing you have found the home your spirit needs.

I guess the point of this post is to inspire you not to limit yourselves based on the expectation of others. To see there is always another way and if your life is not working for you where you are why not try somewhere else. you are only limited by your own expectation don’t get suckered into the expectations of others.

 Your Life is Yours! Live it!

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