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Biofuel – one step closer

With Global becoming more reality than Science Fiction and the worlds oil supplies dwinderling, the search for replacement fuel sources is underway in hast. The CSIRO Australia’s leading Scientific Research Group took up the challenge and is today one step closer to solving the mystery of what to do when the oil dries up as it enevitably will do. So how to replace fossil fuel oil with a Clean Green Environmennally friendly version which does the same job but with none of the nasty side effects? The CSIRO Scientists have combined their skills in Genetics with their expertese in Bio Chemistry to find a solutions which to date looks to be the most promising to date.

From the CSIRO Website Advances in Australia


CSIRO scientists have identified two genes from wild plants, which when introduced into oil seed plants, like linseed, could see those plants producing oil for industry.

One gene produces an enzyme for creating epoxy fatty acids, a major components in the production of epoxy resins, adhesives and plastics.

The second gene produces an enzyme for creating acetylenic fatty acids which are important in manufacturing high performance, cold weather lubricants for engines and hydraulics.

“If we are able to source this finished product from crops, then obviously we will be cutting out the toxic products that are generated in the process of epoxidisation of the oil. So definitely it will be kinder and gentler for the environment.”

The genetically modified plants will mean the creation of new oil products which come from a renewable source, have no polluting waste and are environmentally friendly.

A short Video explaining the process is also available Video

Although I am not one for Geneticly modifying anything, I can see advantages with in this kind product what do think good bad or otherwise……

Is it a case of thinking outside the square?