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Sustainable living

I have been away on a little adventure traveling around the West Coast of the State of Tasmania.
My family and I have been camping but in the traditional camping way….


What do I mean by this? Well lets see…
No Caravan, fridge, generator, mobile phone, Television, or homely comforts…
We took Tent, fold up table and chairs, fold away table to cook, small BBQ, blankets etc, lantern, food, axe and that was about it…

One of the places we ventured was a little village known as Trial Harbour on the far west coast of Tasmania…. Yes I know so many people visit small village so what made this one special?


Trial Harbour is not Connect to the Electricity Power Grid or the Telecommunition grid, or the Water or anything…. The entire town runs quiet happily from Solar and Wind Generated power attached to each of their homes. These also where not mere fishing shacks some where two stories with all the mod cons.
Small Wind Turbines and two or three solar panels on each home was all that was obvious to the passer bye. most homes had a Satelitte dish, and some also had a wireless attenna set up. So you could see the residents would have Television, Satelitte Phones, electricity, Wireless Internet.
There are no shops, or taps so all previsions need to be taken with you however it is just 25 kms to Zeehan to restock. There is a clean creek to restock water but you should bring your own bottles with you. The road in to Trial Harbour from the main road is 20km of Gravel  and when we went quite passable with a car. 
Along the sides of the road, you will notice bolders which are just sticking up everywhere. Huge granite bolders perched on the sides of hills and mountains, these are reminants from the last Ice Age. Many have been signed by Tourists…

There is a well set up camping area, with a clean pit tiolet and campfires established for use.

I would highly recommend Trial Harbour for a camping Holiday to anyone venturing to Tasmania. It has the best Surfing in the country. The Southern Ocean hits land here with the most incredible waves. There is a sheltered beach for the kids although caution must be taken as conditions can change very quickly and there is no hospital or lifeguards so you are on your own in that respect.

Trial Harbour I must say is a lesson for anyone in sustainable living and proves a home can quiet comfortably be run from the resources nature has provided.
A town can run on the same principles shown here and with a little planning and forethought we can all live off the grid and still be in contact with the outside world.