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ABC Breast Cancer Cluster


Back in 2006 a scary story started to appear…. a large number Women who had worked at the ABC studios in Toowong (an inner western suburb of Brisbane QLD) began to present with Breast Cancer.
Finally around Christmas the studio was closed due to the Health Risks, yes the number was that great…
So far to date 17 People have developed Breast Cancer and many more are at risk.
SO what is the cause of this Cancer Cluster which appears to be
in one building. No one nows, to date a variety of tests have been performed the latest was soil testing here is what happened… from Yahoo News

Soil testing at the ABC’s abandoned Brisbane headquarters has failed to bring investigators any closer to finding the cause of a breast cancer cluster among employees who worked at the site.
The studios, at Toowong in Brisbane’s inner west, were abandoned shortly before Christmas 2006 after an investigation showed breast cancer rates in workers at the site were six times the national average.

Cancer expert Professor Bruce Armstrong, who led the initial investigation, said soil tests ordered last year had not detected any traces of chemicals which may cause breast cancer.

Seventeen women who worked at the site have so far been diagnosed with breast cancer but investigations have been unable to determine a possible cause for the cluster.

Professor Armstrong said the soil tests covered metals, such as arsenic and lead, pesticides such as dieldrin (similar to DDT), and PCBs – a group of banned organic compounds.

In each case the levels found were well below ordinary levels, he said. Investigators are now awaiting the results of additional magnetic field testing of equipment used by staff and a survey for ionising radiation at the Toowong site.

If the results show a large Magnetic field, or large electro magnetic field aroundthe building, could this lead to further testing of, but not limitied to, the large Electrical power lines as well as Power substations in residential areas, as well flow on effects to a various forms of power
delivery systems.

As for the Ionised Radiation my god where that come from?

Where is what I would be asking….

How about you…. For many years now people have believed that high energy Power lines are harmful to their health but they still build them in build up residential areas, could this be the proof we have been waiting…?

The sensitive!

In todays world are constantly bombarded with artificial this and manmade that.  The cocktail of chemicals filling our system is huge. We eat, breath, obsurb, it really doesnt matter how we come into contact with them, our bodies will still take it in and in the case of some heavy metals accumulate them within bodies for later….

How can people think that just because we are human, we are some how immune to the effects of polutants in our environment, recent studys are finding high concentrations of fertilizer in drinking water and air can effect a mans reproductive ability,  Women who live in areas with high vehicle traffic have smaller babies than those in more rural areas regardless of diet or any other factor,  the increasing numbers of allergy related illnesses through out the world is growing at outrageously fast rates. 

Did you know that some treated pine is treated with Arsenic thats why it is green and we are told not to burn it, I beat your kids are playing on the back deck or pine playgym right now, the soap you clean yourself with is made using Caustic soda, yes it is caustic, and the antibacteria soaps and cleaning agents so many use to kill germs in your home can actually cause a large number of allergies and illness by not allowing our childrens immune system to contact and Identify them while it is programed to….?  In fact there are so many products out there which we believe are designed to help us and make healthy that can cause the very problem we were trying to avoid.

So is this current wave of illnesses, allergies, autoimmune responses

Natural accuring factors or is this of our own making?

Is this a result of our reliance on chemicals and polutants?

Or do you think otherwise….