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The changing face of Life!

SONY DSCLife certainly does move fast ‘ you think?

Just when you think you have everything sorted, your plan is firmly in place,  ‘There is no stopping you!’

Life throws you a Hand Grenade, tells you to catch and just as you do you realise Life has pulled the pin.

This is how life has been for quite sometime for this little chook…

Quick outline deaths in family, very quickly followed by major Health issues, then more deaths in family.

This lead to Blogs being hacked, complete brain meld, more health recovery and now finally perhaps we are heading in the right direction.

All this adventure has taught me many things but perhaps the most poignant being ‘Life is too short.’

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We are getting there Slowly! Pulp Mill Update

Firstly a few Thank you’s

A HUGE THANKYOU TO THE ANZ BANKING CORPORATION. Thats right I am thanking a corporation, never thought I would live to see the day when a company (especially a bank) would put the environment and its customers before the almighty dollar. It appears however this is the case.

Customers of the ANZ who opposed the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill began a campaign to remove funds, close accounts and even transfer loans away from the ANZ, as they were the main financier for the mill. ANZ came out yesterday and announce they will not be funding the Pulp Mill.

Three cheers hip hip horray!

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Where has all the food gone?

Over the past few week, even months we have been witness to growing shortages in the worlds food supplies. Not only in 3rd world countries but in established world leaders.

Couple this with the growing shortages in water and now rising oil prices I ask the question How?

We have been warned for a few years that the growing threat of Global Warming and changing weather patterns would lead to shortages in basic food items such as rice and grains. Recently we have seen this come to pass with just such shortfalls in many countries including America. The United Nations is calling for action to be taken.

Here is a statement from United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon:
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The sensitive!

In todays world are constantly bombarded with artificial this and manmade that.  The cocktail of chemicals filling our system is huge. We eat, breath, obsurb, it really doesnt matter how we come into contact with them, our bodies will still take it in and in the case of some heavy metals accumulate them within bodies for later….

How can people think that just because we are human, we are some how immune to the effects of polutants in our environment, recent studys are finding high concentrations of fertilizer in drinking water and air can effect a mans reproductive ability,  Women who live in areas with high vehicle traffic have smaller babies than those in more rural areas regardless of diet or any other factor,  the increasing numbers of allergy related illnesses through out the world is growing at outrageously fast rates. 

Did you know that some treated pine is treated with Arsenic thats why it is green and we are told not to burn it, I beat your kids are playing on the back deck or pine playgym right now, the soap you clean yourself with is made using Caustic soda, yes it is caustic, and the antibacteria soaps and cleaning agents so many use to kill germs in your home can actually cause a large number of allergies and illness by not allowing our childrens immune system to contact and Identify them while it is programed to….?  In fact there are so many products out there which we believe are designed to help us and make healthy that can cause the very problem we were trying to avoid.

So is this current wave of illnesses, allergies, autoimmune responses

Natural accuring factors or is this of our own making?

Is this a result of our reliance on chemicals and polutants?

Or do you think otherwise….

Scientific Bullshit!

How can killing a mother and child be in the interest of science…

Well thats what Japan has started to do with these beautiful creatures…..


click here for the full story: Herald Sun 
the video attached to the story is not pretty but you must watch to see how far these whalers will go……
ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett has described as “distressing” photos showing the Japanese whaling fleet dragging aboard a dead mother whale and her calf.
He says the photos would help build up global opposition to whaling.
The images show a minke whale and her calf being harpooned and then winched onto the Japanese vessel Yushin Maru. “I guess when I saw the photos I just felt a bit of a sick feeling as well as a sense of sadness,”
Mr Garrett told the Nine Network today. “It’s very disappointing. It’s distressing when you think that it can take up to 15 minutes after a harpoon actually hits a whale for the whale to die. “It’s even sadder when you consider there’s a calf involved.” Mr Garrett says the photos reinforce Australia’s view that killing whales in the Southern Ocean is wrong.
I can not understand why the rest of the world is allowing this barbaric practice to continue….
How dare the Japanese Government do this? I have thought for the longest time that the Japanese people were and are a caring country, environmentally conservative and for the most part against cruelty in all its forms….. maybe I am wrong and they are showing their true colours as barbarians……
The video of this hunt is available at Herald Sun …. I must warn you its not pretty
This Must Stop!
Lets work together
tell your friends
Tell the Japanese people
because I seriously doubt whether they would see these images….
Help save these creatures for our grandkids….

If you could?


Well the Bali Environment Summit is about to begin….

World leaders will be gathering to discuss all manner of Global Warming measure, causes of, problems with, results of, how to fix, economic measures, targets, and the blame game. The panel, comprising around 3,000 experts, has released grim reports warning about the impact of global warming on the human race and global resources.

If you could have your say in this summit what would you tell them to do?

What can see needs to be done to help the earth recover or at least slow the process down a bit?

Do share….

Something You should see!

I have found 2 Youtube Videos which are a must see for anyone who truly cares about the environment….

It is a segment on the Australian 60 minutes Current Affairs Program, only goes for 15 minutes but does give a great insight into what we are facing trying to save this beautiful place…..

Please watch:

Pulp Friction (Part 1 of 2) – Gunns Pulp Mill Story

Pulp Friction (Part 2 of 2) – Gunns Pulp Mill Story