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Solar, Wind, Water or Nuclear? that is Question


The Debate is raging at present over which source of power and energy production is the best  greenest and safest.

They all seem to have a down side, Yes even the renewables…..

Wind Farms ….. it is being said are noisy and can harm flying creatures as they can be hit by the propellars.. bit silly but this is one of the arguements.. they also take up large tracks of land ….

Solar ….. Use vast amounts of land and the reflected light could warm the atmosphere…. hmmm

Water/Hydro…. in Australia we have so little water what happens in a drought…

Nuclear … well this should be obvious…. the waste product is just horendous…

So Which of these do you feel will provide the greatest good for humanity in the battle against climate change…

Is a combination of all the only way, using only renewable and leave out the Nuclear, or should we continue on as we are with the coal fired power stations of the past..