How does this work?

In Tasmania most of our Eletricity comes Via a Hydro Electric program state wide. This is good I guess for the Environment, as it negates the need for coal fired power stations etc… The climate down here fluctuates from beautiful summer days to very cold winters, and many people run electric heating and wood fires. Due to the Pine Plantations there is always a large amount of fire wood for a price.

Recently like in other years Hydro Tasmania has needed to import power via Basslink from Victoria. This is safety net for Hydro. If the electricity in storage becomes low they simply import it across Bass Strait for a price of course.
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The Devils may be saved…

The latest critter to face extinction is the Tasmanian Devil…. however this is not from the normal contributions from man nor is it known what has caused the cancerous Facial Tumour disease currently moving through the population of Devils on the East Coast of Tasmania, many of us have views as to the cause but few are willing to state publicly. Views range from the lack of Genetic Diversity in the population to the one which I subscribe to pesticide over use which has altered the genetic makeup of the creature, all of the current schools of thought are valid, but no single contributing factor has yet been identified and if it is the latter I doubt it will be…

But there has been a recent breakthrough, some good news which I am happy to report to all…

A Tasmanian Devil from the West Coast of Tasmania appears to have a Natural Immunity to the disease.
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Canberra Roos Saved, But lost the Wallabies!

The other week I posted on Canberra’s Defence Department’s plans to cull 500 or so Kangaroos….

What is a cull? it is the destruction of a group of animals either partly or in full..

A cull is usually carried out when the numbers of a species reach a point where they are suffering from lack of feed or disease…. However this was a matter of convenience rather than egology….

I wish to thank all those who signed the petition, and have been proactive about stopping this… the Kangaroos will be relocated to NSW.  One small problem In NSW you can go shoot a roo…. thats right … so rather than relocate them to an area outside the city of Canberra, they will be moved to NSW…

At least I guess they will have a chance… no fences…

While all the worlds attention was focused so deligently on Canberra’s wishes to kill our National Icon in our Nations Capital, up in the Northern Territory… at Tindall Air force Base.. approximately 700 wallabies where shot dead….

So we saved the Roos and lost the Wallabies…this is what they shot


In the township of Katherine reports of an explosion in Wallaby numbers has lead to as many as 50 a day being hit on the road…

On the ABC questions where asked on “What was reason behind the Cull?”, “why these animals where not relocated?”

Efforts where made to herd the wallabies out of the Fence, all but 50, didnt want to leave…. so instead they shot the reamining 690…. sighting safety concerned for aircraft landing and taking off… the Air Force had cancelled night Flight for several months as it had become dangerous with the numbers of animals…

Australia’s has to date lost over1/3 of all its mammels since we came here 200 years ago… the Aboriginals where here for 50,000 years before that and not much damage was done….

So why are  loosing our unique creatures, it is in part due to the natural cycle, but a growing number of scientist believe we are entering the 6th mass extinction event… the only difference between this time and the 5 previous is this is cause by just one species….US!

There are several reasons for humans being blamed,

land clearing,



yes our old friend global warming,

the introduction of species,



cargo ships,

ballast water,

the list goes on….

Now we think we can kill a hundreds of animals of the same species and have little or no effect on their population….

Are we really so stupid to think we know better than Nature…

she has been a dam fine job without our help until now…. after all when times are hard the numbers fall when times are good they increase… this increases the gene pool and allows the stronger animals to breed and gives the next generation a healthy start…

Perhaps it is time we let nature take care of it self… and start taking responsibility for the Great blood y mess we have created and help her along a bit..

What do you think?

The following is an inclomplete list of all Australian Animals listed as extinct since Europeans first came to Australia, pretty shameful isnt it, but whats worse is all the creatures we dont where here and have also gone…. This list is taken from Wiki   please visit the site to read more


Species Common Name Location(s) Comments
Aplonis fusca Norfolk Starling Norfolk Island, NSW 1923. Competition from introduced European starling, song thrush and common blackbird, clearance for agriculture.
Columba vitiensis godmanae White-throated Pigeon (Lord Howe Island), Lord Howe Pigeon Lord Howe Island  
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae erythrotis Red-crowned Parakeet (Macquarie Island), Macquarie Island Parakeet Macquarie Island  
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae subflavescens Red-crowned Parakeet (Lord Howe Island), Lord Howe Parakeet Lord Howe Island  
Dasyornis broadbenti litoralis Rufous Bristlebird (western), South-western Rufous Bristlebird WA  
Dromaius ater Dwarf Emu, King Island Emu TAS 1827
Dromaius baudinianus Kangaroo Island Emu Kangaroo Island 1805
Dromaius novaehollandiae diemenensis Emu (Tasmanian) TAS 1850
Drymodes superciliaris colcloughi Roper River Scrub-robin NT  
Gerygone insularis Lord Howe Gerygone, Lord Howe Warbler Lord Howe Island  
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae spadicea New Zealand Pigeon (Norfolk Island race) Norfolk Island  
Lalage leucopyga leucopyga Norfolk Island Long-tailed Triller Norfolk Island  
Nestor productus Norfolk Island Kaka Norfolk Island  
Ninox novaeseelandiae albaria Southern Boobook (Lord Howe Island), Lord Howe Boobook Owl Lord Howe Island  
Porphyrios alba White Gallinule Lord Howe Island  
Psephotus pulcherrimus Paradise Parrot NSW, QLD Date uncertain around 1927; more recent sightings are sometimes claimed but have never been confirmed. Cause uncertain, most hypotheses centre on starvation from lack of grass seed after drought, overgrazing, more frequent fires, and introduction of prickly pear.
Rallus pectoralis clelandi Lewin’s Water Rail (western) WA  
Rallus philippensis maquariensis Macquarie Island Rail Macquarie Island  
Rhipidura cervina Lord Howe Fantail Lord Howe Island  
Turdus poliocephalus poliocephalus Grey-headed Blackbird, Norfolk Island Thrush Norfolk Island  
Turdus xanthopus vinitinctus Lord Howe Vinous-tinted Thrush Lord Howe Island  
Zosterops albogularis White-chested White-eye, Norfolk Island Silvereye Norfolk Island The IUCN considers this species endangered; it is listed as extinct under the EPBC act since it has not been officially documented for over 20 years.
Zosterops strenuus   Lord Howe Island Early 1920s. Predation by Rattus rattus


The reason for the decline and extinction of these frog species is unclear, decline in frog populations is an international phenomenon.

Species Common Name Location(s) Comments
Rheobatrachus silus Gastric-brooding Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1981
Rheobatrachus vitellinus Eungella Gastric-brooding Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1985
Taudactylus acutirostris Sharp-snouted Day Frog, Sharp-snouted Torrent Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1997
Taudactylus diurnus Southern Day Frog, Mt Glorious Torrent Frog QLD Last wild specimen recorded in 1979

Mammals and Marsupials

Species Common Name Location(s) Comments
Bettongia gaimardi gaimardi Eastern Bettong (mainland) NSW, QLD, SA, VIC  
Bettongia lesueur graii Boodie, Burrowing Bettong (inland) WA  
Bettongia penicillata penicillata Brush-tailed Bettong (south-east mainland) NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA  
Caloprymnus campestris Desert Rat-kangaroo QLD, SA  
Chaeropus ecaudatus Pig-footed Bandicoot NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA 1950s
Conilurus albipes White-footed Rabbit-rat NSW, QLD, SA, VIC  
Lagorchestes asomatus Central Hare-wallaby NT 1935
Lagorchestes hirsutus hirsutus Rufous Hare-wallaby (south-west mainland) NT, SA, WA  
Lagorchestes leporides Eastern Hare-wallaby NSW, QLD, SA, VIC 1890
Lagostrophus fasciatus albipilis Banded Hare-wallaby (mainland) WA  
Leporillus apicalis Lesser Stick-nest Rat NSW, NT, SA, VIC, WA 1933
Macropus eugenii eugenii Tammar Wallaby (South Australia) SA  
Macropus greyi Toolache Wallaby SA, VIC 1932
Macrotis leucura Lesser Bilby NT, QLD, SA 1931
Notomys amplus Short-tailed Hopping-mouse NT, SA 1896
Notomys longicaudatus Long-tailed Hopping-mouse NT, SA, WA  
Notomys macrotis Big-eared Hopping-mouse WA 1843
Notomys mordax Darling Downs Hopping-mouse NSW, QLD 1846
Nyctophilus howensis Lord Howe Long-eared Bat Lord Howe Island  
Onychogalea lunata Crescent Nail-tail Wallaby SA, WA  
Perameles bougainville fasciata Western Barred Bandicoot (mainland) NSW, VIC  
Perameles eremiana Desert Bandicoot NT, SA, WA  
Potorous platyops Broad-faced Potoroo WA 1865
Pseudomys gouldii Gould’s Mouse NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA  
Rattus macleari Maclear’s Rat Christmas Island 1908
Rattus nativitatis Bulldog Rat Christmas Island  
Thylacinus cynocephalus Thylacine, Tasmanian Tiger TAS 1936


Several Australian Invertebrates have been listed by the World Conservation Union as having become extinct. However they are not listed as extinct under Australian legislation.

Species Common Name Location(s) Comments
Hypolimnus pedderensis Lake Pedder Earthworm TAS Probably extinct in 1972, confirmed in 1996
Romankenkius pedderensis Lake Pedder Planarian TAS Probably extinct in 1972, confirmed in 1986 [1]
Tornelasmias capricorni     [2]
Austrogammarus australis     1994? [3]
Beddomeia tumida     1996 [4]
Angrobia dulvertonensis     1996 [5]
Placostylus bivaricosus etheridgei     [6]

Are they are environmentally unfriendly?

I heard this the other day and have looked into it…. finding nothing to say this wrong I need to share it will you …..

The New energy saver Light globes you know the ones with the funny globe….

well they are as you would know are flourescent,

flourescent bulbs have been linked to increasing siezures in epileptics and

other health issues, however this is not my issue with these bulbs…

it is the content of mercury contained within them which is of concern.

I had no idea that this was the case and although they are of saving the planet credentials, at what cost I ask?

Here is a story I have found at Reuters Mercury in energy-saving bulbs worries scientists 

The Story is as follows:

By Lisa Von Ahn
NEW YORK (Reuters) – There’s an old joke about the number of people it takes to change a light bulb. But because the newer energy-efficient kinds contain tiny amounts of mercury, the hard part is getting rid of them when they burn out.
Mercury is poisonous, but it’s also a necessary part of most compact fluorescent bulbs, the kind that environmentalists and some governments are pushing as a way to cut energy use.
With an estimated 150 million CFLs sold in the United States in 2006 and with Wal-Mart alone hoping to sell 100 million this year, some scientists and environmentalists are worried that most are ending up in garbage dumps.
Mercury is probably best-known for its effects on the nervous system. The Mad Hatter in the classic children’s book “Alice in Wonderland” was based on 19th-century hat makers who were continually exposed to the toxin.
Mercury can also damage the kidneys and liver, and in sufficient quantities can cause death.
U.S. regulators, manufacturers and environmentalists note that, because CFLs require less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, they reduce overall mercury in the atmosphere by cutting emissions from coal-fired power plants.
But some of the mercury emitted from landfills is in the form of vaporous methyl-mercury, which can get into the food chain more readily than inorganic elemental mercury released directly from a broken bulb or even coal-fired power plants, according to government scientist Steve Lindberg.

“Disposal of any mercury-contaminated material in landfills is absolutely alarming to me,” said Lindberg, emeritus fellow of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Continued…

The story continues so please visit the link and read on.. it is enlightening… do you think we might be cutting of our noses despit our face… could this cause more problem than they solve?

Your thoughts welcome

Stop the Cull!

Australia is wonderful country, with its great people and diverse creatures it truly is wonderous place, but every once in a while we do stupid and horrid things much like anywhere else in the world.

This is one of those times…..


Contractors are being brought to Belconnen a former navel base in Canberra, to kill around 400 kangaroos and stop them over grazing. news report is as follows:

SYDNEY (AFP) — Australian animal rights activists vowed Wednesday to prevent the planned killing of more than 400 kangaroos on defence department land after the government refused to intervene.

“We are going to blockade the gates 24 hours a day from Saturday so they can’t get in and kill them,” Pat O’Brien, president of the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia, told AFP.

Contractors are preparing to cull the animals on a former naval site at Belconnen in the national capital Canberra to protect native grasslands from overgrazing.

The authorities have turned down an alternative plan to relocate the kangaroos, citing expert advice that this would be inhumane.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett rejected accusations by some activists that the government was being hypocritical by failing to protect kangaroos while taking a strong stand against Japan’s whaling programme.

“Our views on whaling are clear and we will continue to resolutely oppose the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean,” he told reporters.

“A balanced and properly scientifically delivered programme to ensure that we preserve and enhance our environment and our ecology and our wildlife is pretty good policy as far as I am concerned.”

The plan is to shoot the kangaroos with tranquiliser darts and then administer lethal injections.

There was an international outcry in 2004 when about 900 kangaroos were destroyed at the site of a dam supplying water to Canberra, and the latest cull has also drawn fire from abroad.

British-based animal welfare group Viva, which has the support of former Beatle Paul McCartney, has launched a petition against the cull and says on its website that it has received support from people in 25 countries.

Millions of kangaroos are killed in Australia every year, but O’Brien said the Canberra kangaroos were a special case because they were trapped by the defence department fences and could not move to the wild even if they chose to.

“There is a commercial kangaroo kill which we are also working very hard to stop,” he said. “They are killing about three-and-a-half million kangaroos this year.

“The meat is sold for dog’s food or exported to France, Germany and Russia mostly. It’s just a terrible, terrible industry.”

The rationale behind the killing was that there were too many kangaroos, he said.

“But four years ago they were saying there were 65 million kangaroos in Australia, now they’re saying there are only 20 million. We’ve had 10 years of heavy drought and incessant heavy commercial shooting.”

As stated even Paul McCartney is getting in on this… if they removed the fences the kangaroos would move on, they could relocate them, but to say this would inhuman is ridiculous what letting them live is more inhuman than killing them… well thats just stupid dont you think….

Click to find out how to help stop this murdering of a National Icon and save innocent creatures trapped by fences

Click here to sign the Petition today

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ABC Breast Cancer Cluster


Back in 2006 a scary story started to appear…. a large number Women who had worked at the ABC studios in Toowong (an inner western suburb of Brisbane QLD) began to present with Breast Cancer.
Finally around Christmas the studio was closed due to the Health Risks, yes the number was that great…
So far to date 17 People have developed Breast Cancer and many more are at risk.
SO what is the cause of this Cancer Cluster which appears to be
in one building. No one nows, to date a variety of tests have been performed the latest was soil testing here is what happened… from Yahoo News

Soil testing at the ABC’s abandoned Brisbane headquarters has failed to bring investigators any closer to finding the cause of a breast cancer cluster among employees who worked at the site.
The studios, at Toowong in Brisbane’s inner west, were abandoned shortly before Christmas 2006 after an investigation showed breast cancer rates in workers at the site were six times the national average.

Cancer expert Professor Bruce Armstrong, who led the initial investigation, said soil tests ordered last year had not detected any traces of chemicals which may cause breast cancer.

Seventeen women who worked at the site have so far been diagnosed with breast cancer but investigations have been unable to determine a possible cause for the cluster.

Professor Armstrong said the soil tests covered metals, such as arsenic and lead, pesticides such as dieldrin (similar to DDT), and PCBs – a group of banned organic compounds.

In each case the levels found were well below ordinary levels, he said. Investigators are now awaiting the results of additional magnetic field testing of equipment used by staff and a survey for ionising radiation at the Toowong site.

If the results show a large Magnetic field, or large electro magnetic field aroundthe building, could this lead to further testing of, but not limitied to, the large Electrical power lines as well as Power substations in residential areas, as well flow on effects to a various forms of power
delivery systems.

As for the Ionised Radiation my god where that come from?

Where is what I would be asking….

How about you…. For many years now people have believed that high energy Power lines are harmful to their health but they still build them in build up residential areas, could this be the proof we have been waiting…?