Where has all the food gone?

Over the past few week, even months we have been witness to growing shortages in the worlds food supplies. Not only in 3rd world countries but in established world leaders.

Couple this with the growing shortages in water and now rising oil prices I ask the question How?

We have been warned for a few years that the growing threat of Global Warming and changing weather patterns would lead to shortages in basic food items such as rice and grains. Recently we have seen this come to pass with just such shortfalls in many countries including America. The United Nations is calling for action to be taken.

Here is a statement from United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon:

The UN wants extra money to buy food for the needy and it is setting up a special food crisis task force to tackle the problem.
With the head of the World Bank and the World Food Program by his side in Geneva in Switzerland, Mr Ban said his new task force has a simple task – to feed the hungry.
And he warned that if nations don’t give the money they have already committed, the world will face a crisis unlike anything it has previously seen.
“We risk the spectre of wider-spread hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale,” he said.
Mr Ban says 100 million people are estimated to have been pushed into poverty over the last two years.
“We see farmers in developing countries planting less, producing less, due to the escalating cost of fertiliser and energy,” he said.
Estimates are that world prices for foods like cereals, dairy, meat, sugar and oils are more than 50 per cent higher than they were at the same time last year.
Prices have soared for a number of reasons – high fuel costs, bad weather in key food producing countries like Australia, the increase in land allocated to bio-fuels, and a surge in demand, much of it from the rising middle classes of China and India.

It appears we are being conditioned to expect this to come to pass. As Global warming and the iminent threat of Climate Change, Changing weather Patterns, increase in Oil Prices, water shortages and this goes on we were told this was going to happen and now we are being shown it is.

But are these things actually possing as great a threat as we are being lead to believe.

Yes Global Warming is a threat increased by Human Activity, the burning of fossil fuels etc, but are countries which are the main contributors actual making moves into stoping this practise? No they are increase supply to rising nations and profiting from its increased value.

The weather is changing this is a fact, however it has changed before and although this is new to our lifetimes it has in reaonably recent times, the Vikings witnessed their changing climate. It is fair to say that the Planet Earth has for millenia been in a constant state of change. From the lush tropical plants of the Dinosaurs to the frozen waste land of mammoth, to todays climate of reasonable steady temperatures, But history has shown us that this is not the norm and just because we inhabit the planet does not mean it will stop evolving. it is upto us the human race to evolve with it.

The effect this is appearing to have on food production is I fear a bit of miss conception. As food prices increase and supply is shortening we have seen a rise in the call from GM food companies to use their pest resistant and water saving crops.

Farmers must sign over all rights to this campany and only use the seeds purchased from the seed manufacturers, any farmer found to be saving seed is charged as the seed is the property of the manufacturer. Our food supply becoming the property of big business.

Water in Australia is a huge commodity. We are the driest continent on Earth, but we grow some of the thristiest crops ie rice and cotton. This is crazy, these crops are grown in Queensland, where water from the rainy season is gathered and stockpiled to feed these ever thirstier crops. The effect of this stock piling is evident in the Murray Darling basin further down stream which rely heavily on these rains to flow downstream. Thus causing a shortfall of water for our grain growing farmers, our fruit and vegetable producers and the towns which they support.

As you can see the problem is not as general as the growing problems associated with global Warming or the increase in the human population, it is effected by Natural disasters yes but not on the scale being presented to us.

It is up to us the clever Human Race to evolve with it. Adapt or go the way of the Dodo, we have the ability to use renewable energy sources, but this is being stagnated by those wishing to profit from it. If Governments were serious in combating the inminate threat of climate change they would assist every household to place solar panels on their roof tops and feed this energy into the grid thus becoming a self generating society, They would help fund the production of electric cars which can be plugged into this system each night and recharged but which while being driven recharged its own battery cells to make longer distances possible, they would encourage the building of wind and tidal power generators and other sources of energy. The collection of storm water run off, the recycling of waste water from household through their own biocleaning facility, toilet systems which turn sewage into fertilzer.

All of this technology is available right now. You can purchase it for your household and become totally self sifficent, however it is extremely expensive and in many cases beyond the reach of most households budgets. As Governments and corporations find ways to profit from these then we see them being implimeted on a large scale.

It is, I fear, in our ability to lead like sheep into belief which is being presented as a truth for the benefit of a few and which by our apathy and inability to question the governing forces will become a self forfilling Prophecy. Which will ultimately lead to our Down Fall.

Your thoughts most welcome….

6 thoughts on “Where has all the food gone?

  1. It’s certainly curious and I don’t think things will get any better. We need to grow our own food and go back to basics and I bet we will be healthier for it. Cheers, Ange


  2. The food shortages may be causing people to be pushed into poverty, but its either us or them. I’ll explain. I grew up on a farm in the united states. All of my life,(I’m 25 now) we never made a substantial profit. We spent our days barely scraping by, living on wellfare. This is just the way it was, wheat cost about 4.00 per bushel to grow, selling it for a mere 4.25 on our best years. normally selling for below cost. So here we are now, wheat is selling for around 9.00 per bushel. and with all the worlds weather problems, it appears it is going to stay high for the long run. of course everyone else had to get their fingers in the pie, with fertilizers trippling in cost. We’ve been lucky here with no bad weather to hurt our crops. If anyone reading this beleives in prophecies, it is mentioned throughout the bible the time would come when a sack of wheat would be worth more than a sack of gold. Is this coming to pass? I don’t know, maybe time will tell.


  3. The food crisis is because world governments have hidden it underground for Planet X which is due December 2012. Many countries around the world have underground bunkers ready for the elite to stay while the earth recovers from a potential hit or near hit by Niburu. Meanwhile, they will have enough food for about 5 years while those on the surface will perish from either tsunamis, hunger, disease etc.


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