How how the Pills are Growing

On Tuesday evening I watch a program on SBS television called The Cutting Edge with a lengthy investigation into childhood mental illness.  doctors Diagnosing Children as young 2 and 4 years old with Bi-Polar and ADHD and prescribing medication for these kids which are Adult medications with no idea as to the dosage or side effects these drugs would have on the growing brain. Medications such as including anti psychotic, anti depressants, sleeping pills etc to four year olds…

To my mind this is ridiculus and is playing with fire.  A small childs brain is being wired,
it is learning and developing, growing and maturing, throwing a cocktail of drugs at such a young age is bond to cause problems later in life and develope a dependence on the drugs.
I do acknowledge that there cases where these can be of benefit to children who are 
demonstrating signs which are not the usual, children with brain damage and confirmed 
mental illness, however prescribing these for kids whose behaviour is naughty, 
a bit sad, hyperactive, fidgetty, prone to temper tantrums and outbursts etc is just horrifying.

The widespread use of drugs such as Ritallin is being shown to be a crutch in a lot of instances
Treatment of children whose behaviour is less than satisfactory at home or at school does 
not warrant a lengthy and prolonged course of drugs.  
A simple course in behaviour modification sometimes goes a lot further.
If you look at diet you can often find the answers you are looking for 
rather doping kids up for life.

what do you think?
dope them up and sedate or find a natural way, through diet and vitamins….?

2 thoughts on “How how the Pills are Growing

  1. I agree that the use of these drugs in children has gotten way out of control. Of course, there are some instances when drugs are necessary, but it seems that it has become a “quick fix” and many children are being medicated when there are so many other options to explore.


  2. I think it’s often the parents who need the “behaviour modification” and not the children!!! Let’s medicate the parents and see if the kids behaviour improves? I’d like to see some research into THAT approach!


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