Ovarian Cancer Breakthrough

Australian doctors have made a major medical Breakthrough in the diagnosis of
Ovarian Cancer.
The problem has always been its diffucultiy to diagnose as the syptoms can be
so varied and diverse the doctor can miss diagnose as a miriad of other illness…
This breakthough is a simple blood test which at present is 94% acurate as soon as
it has a 99% accuracy it will be used in widespread testing with the possibilty of
preventative screening of the female population. If this test is as accurate as is being thought it will a bigger breakthrough than Beast Cancer treatments and will be on par with Organ Transplants as to the number of lives which can be saved at present 2 woman die everyday from this disease… hopefully our daughter will not havesuch odds to content with…. to find out more on this incredible breakthrough click the link below:


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