The Garnaut Report so Far!

The interim Garnaut Report into Climate commissioned by the State and Federal Governments of Australia…. it is possibly the most comprehensive report into the effects and solutions when it comes to our changing climate that we have seen….


So what has he said to date? This is straight from the media release:

A report by economist Ross Garnaut warns Australia could be among the worst-hit countries if the world does not act to slow the rate of climate change.
Professor Garnaut has handed down his interim report on carbon emissions targets and the creation of an emissions trading scheme today. The report was commissioned by the federal, state and territory governments to help develop major policies on climate change.
Professor Garnaut says Australia’s large agricultural sector and a reliance on trade with developing nations in Asia, that are also put at risk by rising temperatures, makes it one of the most vulnerable countries in the developed world. He says Australia needs to play a lead role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by going beyond its stated target of a 60 per cent cut by 2050.
But Professor Garnaut says Australia is relatively well-placed to convert strong action on climate change into economic opportunity.
The report also sets out an initial guide to the design of an emissions trading scheme.
State and federal leaders have been briefed on the details of the interim report in Adelaide.
South Australian Premier Mike Rann says it paints a very sobering picture for the global community.
“Essentially what I’m sure that you will find out is that in the last five years and certainly since the modelling done by Sir Nicholas Stern, things are much worse for the world in terms of global warming than previously believed,” he said.
Western Australian Premier Alan Carpenter says the report has a blunt warning.
“What Ross Garnaut has done is basically tell us, ‘less time than you thought, more action than you thought, maybe in a shorter space of time’,” Mr Carpenter said.  “There needs to be a sense of urgency. This isn’t a matter just for governments, it’s a matter for the ordinary people of the states.”

So thats the report findings to date I will be posting more as it becomes available but get ready Aussies for more drought, floods, storms, etc etc….

can the earths rate of Climate Change be slowed do you think….

or do you think the earth we passed that point long ago?

UPDATE here is a link directly to the Garnaut Review Website for more info from the source

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