Global Warming or Breaking Drought what do you think

 Over the past few week Queensland has been hit with flood after flood. Immense amounts of rain falling over a very short period of time has caused kaos through out various regions. The latest is the tonship of Mackay  which has seen yet another town declared a natural disaster… and it was 600MM yes thats right 60 Centimetres of rain fell in 6 hours. Thats 2 feet …

this is what 200mm looked like..

and heres almost the end of the rain after 600mm

What do you think it certainly is drought breaking but is it a normal monsoon trough or a global warming event you decide…


6 thoughts on “Global Warming or Breaking Drought what do you think

  1. I live in Mackay, but luckily, my house was safe. The flood consumed both Magpies’ Sporting Club’s fields at Glenella and forced everybody in Glenfields to evacuate. Never seen anything like it.


  2. I have just bought a house in Glenfields estate but haven’t taken possession yet. It just had a little water in the garage,so that is really lucky. Valetta Gardens has had 100% inundation. Lucky we didn’t buy there. Can’t help but feel sorry for anyone who have lost so much. Good news is everyone seems to be OK.


  3. I was born here 55 years ago to the day what a birthday present to have to get mum out of the house in bum deep water into the high block house next door wen have lost quite a bit but others have lost more. We cant start cleaning till the rain stops coz we cant dry anything.


  4. Oh Bob I would say Happy Birthday but it hardly seems appropriate…
    It is good to see you got out and you are both OK… things can be replaced hard as it but so long as you and the town are safe …. I guess. hard to know what to say with such and event… I am sure there will be a fund raising for victims to help as I shall be putting a link here If they do….
    Good Luck and hopefully it will dry soon…


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