Scientific Bullshit!

How can killing a mother and child be in the interest of science…

Well thats what Japan has started to do with these beautiful creatures…..


click here for the full story: Herald Sun 
the video attached to the story is not pretty but you must watch to see how far these whalers will go……
ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett has described as “distressing” photos showing the Japanese whaling fleet dragging aboard a dead mother whale and her calf.
He says the photos would help build up global opposition to whaling.
The images show a minke whale and her calf being harpooned and then winched onto the Japanese vessel Yushin Maru. “I guess when I saw the photos I just felt a bit of a sick feeling as well as a sense of sadness,”
Mr Garrett told the Nine Network today. “It’s very disappointing. It’s distressing when you think that it can take up to 15 minutes after a harpoon actually hits a whale for the whale to die. “It’s even sadder when you consider there’s a calf involved.” Mr Garrett says the photos reinforce Australia’s view that killing whales in the Southern Ocean is wrong.
I can not understand why the rest of the world is allowing this barbaric practice to continue….
How dare the Japanese Government do this? I have thought for the longest time that the Japanese people were and are a caring country, environmentally conservative and for the most part against cruelty in all its forms….. maybe I am wrong and they are showing their true colours as barbarians……
The video of this hunt is available at Herald Sun …. I must warn you its not pretty
This Must Stop!
Lets work together
tell your friends
Tell the Japanese people
because I seriously doubt whether they would see these images….
Help save these creatures for our grandkids….

3 thoughts on “Scientific Bullshit!

  1. I agree completely, and Greenpeace actually have an email protest campaign going to the head of Canon who is also head of the Japanese Business Federation, ou can find the link on my site.


  2. I totally think that taking action is the right thing. Just the other day I heard that Bush signed away a bunch of national forest in Alaska for logging. That bastard. I want to start a peace movement against the destruction of the Earth.If I didn’t ahve scool I’d go chain myself to those trees. I swear to Jah. I think that if the Earth was healthy and we grew enough food rather than raise diseased animals we could solve world hunger and populaton overgrowth wouldn’t be as prevalant of a problem.


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