If you could?


Well the Bali Environment Summit is about to begin….

World leaders will be gathering to discuss all manner of Global Warming measure, causes of, problems with, results of, how to fix, economic measures, targets, and the blame game. The panel, comprising around 3,000 experts, has released grim reports warning about the impact of global warming on the human race and global resources.

If you could have your say in this summit what would you tell them to do?

What can see needs to be done to help the earth recover or at least slow the process down a bit?

Do share….

4 thoughts on “If you could?

  1. Hi, thanks for posting. I’m all over this subject, mostly because so many people still dispute global warming.
    I think no matter what, decreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will help everyone’s respiratory system and overall health, so I see no cause for debate. Having said this:

    Money. Alternative and comfortable means of living are absolutely necessary.
    The governments should restrict the production of products that could be replaced by those that are environmentally friendly. A good example is light bulbs. If the only bulbs produced were fluorescent and earth friendly, then no one has to be coerced into helping.
    Another is mandatory recycling. Some cities do this already, but not all. All disposables should be separated.
    The agriculture sector should be scrutinized for “green” farming alternatives.
    I could go on and on. I think monetary incentives are at the top of the list…not to policiticans (lol) but to business and consumers.


  2. Stop talking!
    Although there are a good number that are still trying to justify that global warming is not a man made occurance (and granted may not be 100% our fault), we need to start acting. If what has already happened has set the stage for the next 50 years, we really need to start making drastic change soon. The more time talking, the less time doing.
    At the very least a change needs to be made about the topic of conversation, the dead horse of climate change is being beaten daily by all manner of media and I agree with Kab625 that there needs to be the incentive and presentation of viable and especially affordable (if it’s to be accepted), alternative options. Preferably reasonable ones that don’t involve returning to nature and growing our dinner in our outhouse (not popular with the general public, but kudos to those that are willing to go that far).



  3. Gads, if there were one thing…protect the forests! The old-growth forests are still being razed at a horrific rate, and at this point lack enough integrity to be able to fend off massive fires. The boreal forest of Canada is being logged for paper products and, in Labrador, for mining. These are the lungs of the world, people – if they die, we most certainly will.


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