I am often reminded…

I am often reminded how beautiful this world is not just in the geology and flora and fauna around us, but also in the people.  Kindness is something which seems to lacking from many fellows in the general population and then once in a while some one jumps up and says I care….. This campaign has gone Global and is proof that the world does care:


2 thoughts on “I am often reminded…

  1. Hi AussieCynic, you have a fantastic blog and I was looking through and found this.

    I actually went out in Melbourne in September and did this Free Hug campaign with a friend and it was an extraordinary day to come across strangers and giving out hugs!!

    I wrote about it on my blog here http://angesbiz.com/free-hugs/free-hugs-day-in-melbourne/
    and am still editing the video footage. It’s nice to see Juan Mann’s footage here on this site.

    Take care,


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